daily blog please tune in


i got no idea how this works but i see my that my site has already 80 views out of nowhere

it makes me feel ashamed that my low effort website gets so much attention, i will do my best to improve it but for now you have to deal with sad boring white background and nothing to click on ;(

anyways, here's a funny image so you dont feel like a waste of time, plese come back later :------)

I added cute & funny background thats one step closer to perfection, i tried to add background music but no matter what i try it doesnt work thats very bad basically whole projeckt is gonna go to shit beacause i cant do a specific simple thing i want and and everytime in my life something like that happens i just end up wasting a lot of time


never mind i figured it out!

if i dont know how to do something i can just copy it from someone elses website feels so cool

one day i'll delete everyrhing i wrote on here reading this shit is a mess even for me and i wrote the damn thing


300 views that's alot i've seen WAY better pages with less views

and i've only seen around ten so, I must be doing something that gets average users attention, speaking of attention its the reson why i started this website! my attenion span is pretty bad i am a zoomer after all! and doing something that requires more attenion is how im planning to fix that, i also stoped using my social media accounts and i feel better then ever! everyone should try that for about a month at first you'll feel bored without your instant gradifiction machine but soon enough you'l find better things to do!


as i wrote before im going to add more things to click on otherwise this website could as well be a single image, im not gonna add much javascript beacause its slow and my shitty ctrl+c ctrl+v "programing" i'll use a lot of gifs to make this site somewhat nice and comfy

le funny image of today followe me


i went from beng on the verge of deleting my neocities account to actually being kinda proud of it, its still got a long way to go, but don't judge a book by its cover(i said it HAHAHAHQAHAH) if you have something, litterly anything to say please email me i made new email specificaly for this site beacause i dont want to be a dumbass and dox myself, im still ashamed of this site after all


did someone give you a link to here? i want to know how its getting so much views i think its beacause i edit this site too much it keeps poping up in people activity tab ahaahaha!!! my only tag is milk, why?? i didnt know whats it gonna be all about and just happend to have a carton of milk at my desk so it stays there. im not adding any more tags! this is a milk site and milk only!


my blown up brain is making me keep coming back to here even tho i have nothing more to say, im addicted? maybe its how it is with attenion of a goldfish i going for a walk now byee

500 views btw


I know most people hate listening to random people's dreams, however im not a random, i am a sophisticated man that is here to help you!! you wont find a second boy like me on a whole green earth, my dreams are rare and always wack and zany so i think about them a lot every time i have them


never mind, i wrote out my entire dream but it wasn't as interesting as i thought so i deleted it here's a summary: an ugly black man soundcloud rapper, got fucked in the ass! you can think of a any scenario that leads that to happening and it will make as much sense as much my dream, yeag this your mental excersize for today how an ugly black soundcloud rapper ends up getting fucked in the ass?

my dreams answer:

his shitty soundcloud song gets popular and he gets fucked in the ass in the music video important lesson on chasing fame for sure but i allready know who lil naz-x is. my dream is a bad rip off of his carrer!



last night i was thinking a lot about next thing i am gonna write here, i never liked the idea of making a journal beacause someoneould find it and read it and judge me based on the knowlage obtained from it, im not afraid of being judged here! also when i was really young i thought it was stupid beacause it wasn't like an archive of your entire life so if you won't start your journal imidiately after you were born it was a misrepresentation of reality i didn't understand the concept of organizing your thoughts beacause i wasn't thinking a lot back then


today im gonna start lifting again, i stopped for about a month beacause i was lazy, i was supposed to do it but i didn't feel like it so i procastinated then i went to sleep feeling guilty, today that changes im gonna start going at it like i was in the begining of the year, i lost most my gains but that just means i get to enjoy making them again! im 15 years and during summer vacations this will be remembered as best time in my life i dont have to go to work and school is closed! im a basically a healthy adult with a lot of time, im gonna use this time making memories i could reminisce about and tell to my future grandkids! life is good 20010.99 did what i must but still feel shity i couldn't sleep i am not the kind of person for which falling asleep is easy, i have it after my father i guess. my eyes itch and i dont know if its from the dust that build up in my room or i sleep with my eyes open either way i have to live through it beacause last eyedrops in my house were empty when i found them. im gonna hope tommorow will be better and do my best today. maybe i'll just go to the pharmacy buy some eyedrops, yeah thats what i'll do but first i'll wipe dust of my desk i don't know where does it come from i just cleaned it yesterday. 8989.89 i worked out did evereything i needed but still have some trouble sleeping, aside from that i've been thinking that im gonna stop using this for now i kida got tired of it and my writing is bad and im ashamed but whatever i already did this website for about a week now would make no sense to delete it now im just gonna leave it how it is. today i had a dream again and it made me inspired to learn how to draw. i wont write it out beacause writing out your dreams just makes you realize how silly they were, you shouldnt do it unless you belive in lucid dreaming. i once made it had a lucid dream but its not as cool as you may think so i never tried to get more of them