FME Monster Rating

keep in mind i drank every monster in existence even the ones that haven't been concived yet The stock green black monster is best and most abundant gets the FME stamp of aproval

the rest of them

also good but i wouldn't recomend buying them unless you just want the cool looking cans they're just sweeter worse versions of the original you may like the white one beacause its healthier or somthing its probobaly not beacause sweeteners can be more unhealthy then regular sugar what i heard somewhere but im too lazy to look it up. also orange doctor one is pretty good but it just tastes like fanta or mirinda doesn't taste like an energy drink at all, i like it but rarely see it.


ginger is just terrible its the closest i've ever gotten to pouring an energy drink down the drain and i drank ones that were over the experation date! while i was drinking this i thought "the after taste isn't even that bad" then i snapped out of it, "that bad?" i asked myself this is not even healthy! there's no reason why i should force myself to drink this industrial waste! thats how it tastes, someone dumped sugar into motoroil to make this shit. not recomended

anyway thats about it thanks for coming to my ted talk